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Peter Pula in contemplation at a recent gathering he hosted. Photo Credit: Axiom News

Curator's Note: Peter shared these reflections as a warm-up talk during the Hosting Arts training he is facilitating this week.

I've been thinking about what is it I believe is the essence of hosting. Intention and Ownership — that makes all the difference.

And by intention I mean deep intention, why you, you in particular were put on this Earth, find yourself in this place, with these people, at this moment.

And by ownership I mean not a sense of buy-in to a consensus plan or a mission, but an act of working with a small group of people, right now, with the people in your midst and with the materials at hand.

I actually believe abundance and Angels, the Kingdom of Heaven, is right here. The future we want is already in the room.

And despite the fact that it is right here, shimmering all around us, we have amnesia. We don't remember. Our minds are so full of distractions and noise we can't think our way home. We can't think our way home.

The journey begins with knowing our intention, then by being seen, then with this we start to remember. And then we can see the Other, and layer by layer we peel back the scales and the curtains until we see the stars among us and the abundance that gave birth to us. Imagine you stand not looking up at the stars but that you stand up there, among them. Now stand here and with that vision look around. Do you see the stars now sparkling in the eyes of the souls in your immediate constellation?

With that we can give the formless form and shape what only those of us who are together now, in this constellation, in this moment, are called together to create.

And that's what we are as hosts. We are to re-enchant the world. We call clusters of stars together and create the conditions for them to position themselves in new constellations. Then we get to watch them light up and illuminate our universe.

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Peter is the Founder and CEO of Axiom News. During his 22 years in business he has also founded and led a community newspaper and a corporate communications agency. He has served as a member and chairperson on the boards and committees of children's services, schools, municipal grants, arts, and local exchange organizations.

Peter has been invited to host workshops in Canada, Europe, and the United States on the practice of Generative Journalism, an open communications approach for emergent and constructive change in organizations, networks, and communities.

He has been integrating lessons from the Asset-based Community Development, Appreciative Inquiry Gifts and Possibilities communities with the journalistic arts as practiced at Axiom News.

To bring dialogic and narrative arts together Peter has hosted dozens of conversations shaped by Appreciative Inquiry, A Small Group, Open Spaces, and Rapid Prototyping. Most recently, he has been exploring the wisdom in the Art of Hosting community.

Alongside international colleagues, Peter is bringing complementary practices and business models together to support ongoing community-building, new narratives.