Can Something Called Appreciative Inquiry Transform Your Health? Here’s What It Did for David Cooperrider

On David's journey to thriving health, the greatest joy came when he and his wife, Nancy, invested in racing bikes and started taking regular rides out in the country of 20-30 miles, he writes. 

Can Something Called Appreciative Inquiry Transform Your Health? Here’s What It Did for David Cooperrider

After decades of using a change approach he co-pioneered with hundreds and thousands of other people, David Cooperrider decided to apply it to one of the toughest clients he could think of: himself.

The approach, Appreciative Inquiry, is anchored in two key premises:

  • that the seeds of change are held within the questions we ask ourselves and others;
  • desired change is mostly likely to rise through questions that draw out what’s working and who’s to be emulated rather than what’s not working and who’s to blame.

David’s results? Within six months he lost more than 30 pounds, cut his cholesterol levels in half and competed in his first Olympic triathlons with his daughter.

Two years later, the positive momentum has not subsided, he’s enjoying eating more, not less and his energy levels have returned to what they were in his college years.

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“The application of Appreciative Inquiry to weight loss transformed my life in precious ways more than any other intentional change experience in the past half century,” writes David, a professor with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

“I never would have thought that ‘dieting’ could bring so much joy, confidence, and contentment.”

He describes feeling more attuned to his entire body, other people and the planet.

At Axiom News, we’re committed to discovering the possibilities for a bright future.

David’s story definitely casts a vivid beam on some tremendous possibilities.

You can read his full story by clicking here.

Watch for key highlights such as:

  1. The full list of his health “wins” on page 5.
  2. The question David began asking himself in place of, “What’s wrong with me and why do my diets fail?” on page 8.
  3. The types of foods he’s now eating, on page 10.
  4. What drumming and dancing have to do with all of this, on page 20.

Be prepared to start craving the thriving life he’s discovered.

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Wow!  Great article Dave. I can honestly say you have saved my life.  I have always been a strong advocate of exercise; however, my diet was very SAD and obviously lacking. Each year I have a physical and each year my Dr. would say that my numbers were climbing and that we needed to keep an eye on it.  Each year my numbers got worse and I got tired of hearing "we have to keep an eye on it".  I asked what do I need to do?  My Dr. suggested medication.  This is when I turned to you and started asking questions about  green smoothies. I bought a vitamix for Christmas and have been drinking green smoothies for several years now and have never felt better.  In the past year I went a step further and began eating a plant based diet.  I immediately felt better and the bloating I always felt and thought was normal was now gone.  I lost even more weight and felt stronger and faster. I feel better than I did in college and weigh 10 pounds less than when I graduated. Like you, I am down 40 pounds and felt so good that you easily talked me into training for triathlons.  I have competed in two with you and training for my third.   I triathlon train 4 days per week, racquetball train with Jordan 4-5 days per week and I play racquetball 2 times per week.  I have energy and feel great. As you can see there are days that I work out 2 times per day.Within 6 weeks of drinking green smoothies and cutting half  the sweats out of my diet my blood work changed completely.  It was at that time I applied for and received premium pricing on my life insurance.  If I had applied 6 weeks earlier I know for a fact I would not have received premium pricing. Thank you for inspiring me.  I am going out for run now so I will talk to you later.Daryl 

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