For B.C.’s Social Enterprise Sector, it’s Time to Celebrate and Collaborate

For B.C.’s Social Enterprise Sector, it’s Time to Celebrate and Collaborate

Enterprising Non-Profits gears up to host second annual Day of Learning

Junxion Strategy principal Mike Rowlands is fascinated by social enterprise, and as a firm providing consulting services to the sector he’s also aware of how difficult working in the emerging space can be. It’s why he’s delighted to be part of a one-day event sharing best practices while celebrating the pioneering work of social entrepreneurs.

“It’s one thing to run a business and build a financial bottom line. It’s infinitely more complicated to try and run a business that is trying to meet three or four bottom lines,” Mike tells Axiom News.

“It’s early for the sector, the more we can learn from each other the more we can connect with each other as a community, the better off we’ll all be.”

Mike is one of several business leaders lending his skills and insight to Enterprising Non-Profits’ (ENP) Day of Learning March 8. The second annual event takes place at Vancouver’s Library Square and aims to provide valuable, strengthening information for social enterprise practitioners that can be applied to any social enterprise, new or established.

ENP program co-ordinator Kim Buksa says this year’s event is seeing greater participation from the business sector with representatives from KPMG, Propeller Advisors, Junxion, and long-time partner JDQ Systems, and offers social entrepreneurs valuable new perspectives.

“Our partners bring a lot to the table and it’s really an opportunity for everybody in the room to feed off of that expertise and build their own,” says Kim.

The event will see two social enterprises, Street Youth Job Action and Dreamrider Theatre, present on their current business development phase; from business planning to scaling and growing the venture.  

Through exercises and an expert panel that features perspectives from finance, business planning, human resources and branding and communication, participants will be involved in a two-way participatory discussion about the topics presented.

Mike says the sessions are designed to highlight how practices like marketing and finance are interrelated and need to be planned side-by-side with development of the social enterprise.

“It’s not very helpful to look at each of the pieces in isolation, it’s far more helpful to think about them in tandem and think about the interrelationships between them,” says Mike.

ENP program manager David LePage will be leading a social enterprise cross-country check in, that will see ENP executive directors from Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia sharing latest developments and initiatives happening in their provinces. Simon Fraser University professor Peter Hall, who has been studying social enterprise in B.C. and Alberta, will also join the panel.

Mike says the goal of the day is for participants to be able to take at least one, and hopefully several tools, and apply them to their social enterprise immediately.

ENP’s Day of Learning will be followed by Social Enterprise Dragons, from 5 to 7 p.m. at SFU Woodward’s Centre. Combination pricing to attend both events is available, click here to learn more.

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