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Clean Capitalism: A Revolution or an Evolution in Energy Tech?

Are people tip-toeing around necessary changes for a sustainable future?

It wasn’t whether alternative energy technologies need to be implemented that caught the attention of many at GLOBE 2014 — North America’s largest business sustainability summit. It was when and how.

Young Man Journeys to a Meaningful Life, Disability and All

Meaningful relationships at the centre of Paul Tiller’s thriving

On March 5, 2010, Paul Tiller realized a dream he, his family and friends had been cherishing for years – the Peterborough, Ontario resident moved into his own apartment. Paul's arms jutted over his head in a sign of victory when asked what he thought as he stood in the centre of his new place.

UBC Bike Co-op Cycles Forward

'We consciously keep a focus on serving the community in all of our programs'

What started as a slightly disorganized, anarchic group of students has grown into a structured and effective bicycle co-operative and student club. Jean-François Caron witnessed this growth in his six years with the Alma Mater Society (AMS) Bike Co-op at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Since its inception in 1998, the co-op has been working towards helping people make positive choices in their lives.  

What’s the Difference Between Sustainable and Thrivable Organizations?

Impact investor Christian Novak experiences an aha moment

When Christian Novak asked two CEOs how much money it costs to operate as a thrivable organization the response led to him experiencing an aha moment.

Team Sparks Renewal of Kelowna’s Unlikely Places

'Small actions can generate real change'

Residents of Kelowna may soon see pop up installations rising throughout the city.

Gathering Explores How to Use Money to Serve Life

‘There’s a lot of work to be done . . . we are just starting to crack that boundary’

People are starting to talk about the relationship between thrivability and money, opening new possibilities and questions for exploration, says Julie Bourbonnais.

Co-op Student Shapes Art into Research Tool

Scholarship fosters creation of educational materials for powerful art workshops

Molded into the shape of a brain using cigarette butts and molding clay, this piece of art held deep significance for the 70-year-old workshop participant who created it. It was a way for the recycling co-operative worker in São Paulo, Brazil to express the struggles he has lived through.

Netherlands Consultants Believe Time is Ripe for Axiom News in their Country

News agency to fuel, build on citizens’ engagement in economic and social transition

Whether it’s technical expertise or small- to medium-sized businesses, the Netherlands holds an abundance of assets that have been in large part unrecognized and unappreciated. Yet it is exactly these “un-glorified” gifts that could ring in the country’s future thriving.

New Vancity Plan Aims to Enable Local Co-ops

Credit union three-year plan to build understanding of co-op business model

For the first time, Vancity credit union has made its strategic business plan available to the greater public. This gesture of publishing its 2014-16 plan — Accelerating Impact — marks a significant moment for expanding public knowledge and understanding of the co-operative model. Vancity ranks as the largest credit union in Canada.

Salmon Arm Community Conversation Ignites Hope for Restoration

Gathering illustrates how community can be built one conversation at a time

It was when Bernie Desrosiers saw Salmon Arm, British Columbia residents from all walks of life sitting in close groups of three to four talking about the future they intended to create for their community that he felt fresh hope soar for his city.


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