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A Dialogue on Generative Journalism with Peter Pula

‘Our goal is to discover someone’s story. Our goal is not to fix anybody.’

A circle of local citizens who are also aspiring media makers ended up in a deep exploration of the concept of Generative Journalism with Peter Pula at the Axiom News studio in Peterborough.

This is an edited and condensed version of a portion of the dialogue with one of the citizen journalists, active community leader Bill Templeman.

We begin with Peter’s answer to a question that had been posed to start the conversation: “How do you connect with and express the story within your soul?”

Animating Community Mediation in Peterborough

Generative dialogue & new narrative arts surface possibilities and commitments

A fresh sense of possibility surrounds a pioneering community mediation project in Peterborough, Ontario this week. A summit hosted Monday by Axiom News wove generative dialogue and the new narrative arts around a discovery of the project's life-giving essence as well as what people are excited to commit to going forward.

Shifting to a Generative Conversation on Poverty

'When we get to the essence . . . that's when we can really make change happen:' Darrell Howard

Learning about the intention, practice and possibilities in Generative Journalism is igniting shifts for people, both in their work and personal lives. Here's a brief video reflection from Calgary resident Darrell Howard on how she's been bringing the Generative Journalism philosophy and approach into her work with a Calgary poverty group.

Savouring the Gifts in the Appreciative Inquiry Community

Asking into a new calling for strengths-based working and living

The warmth, humanity and beauty of those working with Appreciative Inquiry emanates yet again through a recent gathering in Williamsburg, Virginia. Asked to give the experience a colour, some say a rainbow, as a symbol of hope in these stormy times and the blending of possibilities through diversity. Yellow is also suggested, for “sunshine, joy, new beginnings to another day and another chapter for the Appreciative Inquiry community.”

A New Conversation for Human Services and Criminal Justice

Day-long gathering draws out leadership in the room

What would be possible if we deepened relationships and synergies between our human service and criminal justice silos and agencies?

That was the invitation that brought 40 people together in Peterborough, Ontario on Feb. 22. The majority of them are engaged in human service and criminal justice work across the Haliburton, Kawartha and Pine Ridge regions.

A Burst of Energy around Calgary’s Generative Journalism News Co-op

New faces mingling at New Scoop gatherings with Peter Pula this week

Energy is up around Calgary’s Generative Journalism news co-op, New Scoop YYC, this week as new and familiar faces mingle at several gatherings with Peter Pula, founder and CEO of Axiom News.

Simone Lee, who has taken on the role of events co-ordinator with New Scoop, is one of those anticipating the events, which begin tonight.

Simone is excited about the opportunities these gathering make possible for those who’ve already joined New Scoop.

Restoring Democracy from the Neighbourhood Out

‘I think the movement ahead is one that assumes that the limit we have is people are waiting to contribute; they just have to be asked’: John McKnight

The loss of confidence in major institutions, including government, is not a new story, but the spillover into anger and withdrawal of legitimacy from politics, particularly in some countries, may be. Democracy could be in more trouble than ever. So where does hope of restoration lie?

B.C. Community Shares its Gifts in Response to Poignant Social Issue

New Westminster takes on ‘poverty of novelty’ in lives of people who have a developmental disability

In New Westminster, B.C., more than 100 community members, including the mayor, recently signed up to host voluntary learning experiences centred on one of their passions, hobbies, skills or an experience they’ve had. Mayor Jonathan Cote, for example, is offering a behind-the-scenes-tour of city hall.

Changing How We Share Our Stories as a Community

4 places that are experimenting with new practices around community-building and community-engaged journalism

It's exciting to see fresh practices and intentions around what it means to share stories as a community rising up in several places.

Below, we list four emerging initiatives, all representing a step into this ambiguous space that might best be called community-building and community-engaged journalism.

As Communities Face Crossroads, a Winnipeg Citizen Journalism Project Offers Hope

Community News Commons a path to creating more compassionate responses to our complex world: Noah Erenberg

The broader community is at a crossroads of change; change in how we communicate, how we tell stories, how we gather, and most of all, how we include everyone in our community in this effort. So what’s a promising response to this crossroads?


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