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Food and Dialogue Give Life to Peterborough’s Local Living Economy

Residents enjoy local food, sample Dialogues' possibilities

What happens when you bring together a cross section of the business community, political figures and local advocates and activists to discuss Peterborough, Ontario's Local Living Economy?

Creating a New Story in Lubicon Land

Site of infamous 2011 oil spill now a renewable energy waypoint

On another brilliantly sunny day in the northern Alberta hamlet of Little Buffalo, history was being made earlier this week. The home to about 500 people was abuzz with a kind of activity not seen there before – the installation of a brand-new 20.8-kilowatt solar panel system.

Friendship Centre Develops Social Enterprises to Enhance Lives

The prime purpose is to create employment for the urban aboriginal population that we serve: CEO Michael Colclough

Gifting is integral to the aboriginal culture, and aboriginal elders and others in B.C.’s Comox Valley are sharing the gift of their wisdom and culture so that members of the community can gain life-enriching knowledge, skills and supports.

Community News Agenda Takes Shape

Open Space circle reveals passions of Peterborough Dialogues media makers

Story ideas shimmered, like diamonds in the rough, within a recent Open Space circle for the Peterborough Dialogues media site.

New Economy Thinking Rippling Out

Small group seeding a local economic shift draws new interest

Whether it’s introducing the concept of a public trust or co-ordinating research into the economic ramifications of boosting our local food production by 25 per cent, a small group in Peterborough has been working well below the mainstream radar to seed a local economic shift. Their years of hard work are now at the centre of new discussions on the new economy.

A Season of Growth for Peterborough Dialogues

Deepening roots suggest abundant possibilities for fall

Autumn is harvest time, and the Peterborough Dialogues has been growing deeper and stronger roots for community building and learning.

Local Livelihoods are Focus of New Economy Conversation

New dialogue series and media in the works

Expanding the realm of possibility for thriving local livelihoods and entrepreneurship is the main topic of discussion in a new economy circle that has emerged out of the Peterborough Dialogues.

Seeding a Better Future Through Media-Making

Six themes are emerging for

The media-making plans of the Peterborough Dialogues — a community experience planted in a blend of possibility-oriented dialogue and media making — are swirling into clear focus. Weekly gatherings centred on the media making have surfaced six core themes for the ongoing work.

Community Bands Together to Create Own Solar Power

Effort sparked by asking, ‘What do we have to work with right here, right now?’

An exciting example of citizens banding together to take ownership of their collective well-being is coming to life in the remote, small town of Philippi, West Virginia.

Bringing Home the Best of Neighbourhood Connections

Peterborough conference goers try a collaborative experiment in knowledge sharing

A man enters the only store in a small town wanting to buy fishing bait. The merchant, perplexed, says he can oblige but suggests the man will find just what he needs outside by simply turning over some rocks.


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