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New Data Confronts Canada’s Belonging Narrative

Community Foundations of Canada to make belonging a major focus of its work for next 3 years

Based on the findings of a report about belonging in Canada, the national network of Canada’s 191 community foundations, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), has stated it will make belonging a major focus of its work for the next three years.

Wow, Cumberland? Maybe the Time is Right

Small B.C. municipality leads way in signalling commitment to social purchasing; next stop, Vancouver

What may seem like an unlikely municipality, Cumberland, B.C., has taken a leadership step forward in Canada’s social enterprise/innovation realm.

What's Possible for Community Through the Arts?

Alberta communities begin journey of discovery

When 140 gigantic portraits of local residents were unfurled across the outside wall of a school last year, a shift began to occur in the village of Delburne, Alberta. As community members stopped to appreciate the portraits, the possibilities for new and deepened connections between them, new perspectives on each another and even new ways that they might work together began to come to life.

Relationships Feed Resilience of Local Food System

Imagine what a conversation can bring: the understanding that could be gained, the connections made, the strengthening of relationships that could develop when we take the time to inquire about the food we eat and where it comes from.

Going Out on a Limb for a Generative Story

Playfulness and co-creating our community’s new narrative

Co-creating our community’s new narrative should have some element of playfulness. That’s the energy that’s swirling after a number of Axiom News team members participated in some artful, fun and serious community gatherings this past week — and gamely tried a few new and playful things in the process.

Circle Bonds in First Call for Adventure into New Narrative Arts

Leaders in media, community building ask what they can give each other

A bonding began to occur within a circle convened by Axiom News founder and CEO Peter Pula in a call last week. The intent of the gathering was to explore the possibilities in sparking a cross-community alliance for a local, living new narrative.

Staying Centred on Mission Amid Social Enterprise Hype

What's working for Eden Full: Cutting the noise, leaning on others, radical transparency

One of the challenges of working in the dynamic social entrepreneur culture is that of staying mission-centred. Twenty-three-year-old social entrepreneur Eden Full is all too aware of this.

A Curation of Neighbourhood-strengthening Artifacts

New stories and tools to offer hope and ideas for creating thriving neighbourhoods

As generative media makers we love to receive and discover stories and tools that relate in some way to our deeper mission. This article illuminates some artifacts that have crossed our desks most recently and either energized us or made us curious or both. The tie that binds them all: the work and mission of strengthening neighbourhoods. Maybe one could think of this as a digital museum.

Food and Dialogue Give Life to Peterborough’s Local Living Economy

Residents enjoy local food, sample Dialogues' possibilities

What happens when you bring together a cross section of the business community, political figures and local advocates and activists to discuss Peterborough, Ontario's Local Living Economy?

Creating a New Story in Lubicon Land

Site of infamous 2011 oil spill now a renewable energy waypoint

On another brilliantly sunny day in the northern Alberta hamlet of Little Buffalo, history was being made earlier this week. The home to about 500 people was abuzz with a kind of activity not seen there before – the installation of a brand-new 20.8-kilowatt solar panel system.


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