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Building Calgary’s Social Economy – One Generative News Story at a Time

New Scoop news co-op invites people to Oct. 3 engagement event

Can a new approach to news help build Calgary’s social economy? As someone deeply engaged in the area of social entrepreneurship, Mark Durieux sees tremendous possibility for this.

Our Rutland: Raising the Bar on Public Engagement

A neighbourhood project in Kelowna shows what small communities can do

Smaller Canadian communities with limited budgets are using new tools and methods for public engagement — and raising the bar on what is possible.

A park improvement project underway in Kelowna, B.C., “Our Rutland,” is a good example.

ReThink London: A Year-Long Conversation on the Future of a City

Lessons from the most successful public engagement in Canadian municipal history

When the City of London, Ontario began a once-in-a-generation rewrite of its official plan two years ago, its planners set out to accomplish something few communities have imagined or tried. Putting the topic on the public’s lips in a year-long conversation, and emerging with a clear consensus on a shared vision.

The result was the most successful public engagement process in Canadian municipal history, full of lessons about what other cities can make possible.

MindMixer: Civic Engagement 24/7, in Your Pyjamas

Civic tech software is giving more citizens a voice in local decisions

Imagine that the citizens of your community can participate meaningfully in important local issues from the comfort of their own homes, at any time of day that’s convenient, without taking a lot of time.

The London Plan: A Message From the Future of Planning in Canada

A new benchmark for citizen engagement in the future of a city

If you want a window into the future of planning in Canada, look to London, Ontario. The city has involved more than 15,000 people in the largest public engagement on a planning process in Canadian history. The draft plan released a few weeks ago is so innovative it rewrites the playbook for what a plan can be.

Session Looks to Inspire, Connect Editors Around Community Engagement

ASNE, Journalism That Matters project will share insights, invite others to get involved

As news editors from across the country convene next week, those involved in hosting a session on Growing Audience through Engaging Communities hope to see attendees inspired by experiments from their colleagues and motivated to try new ways of getting involved in their communities. 

What High School Creates Such Enthusiasm?

As schools opened across North America over the last few weeks, one wonders how many saw what Trace Pickering witnessed at Cedar Rapids’ new Iowa BIG School in its first days: High school students pouring in the doors to eagerly engage in conversation with their teachers and peers about the year ahead.

New Thought Leadership on Building Enterprises for Meaningful Contribution

Sharing resources on dialogic organization development, inside out social innovation and reinventing organizations

Three resources released in 2014 offer insight on building enterprises that contribute to society in a way that is meaningful to all stakeholders, including the enterprise. Though not necessarily geared to social enterprises, the thought leadership offered in these publications certainly applies to them as well. Each resource includes tangible take-aways.

‘There is a Business Case’ for Diversity in Media: Roberto Quiñones

Changing demographics need to be reflected in news organizations

The efforts happening in journalism to embrace diversity are not unique to the field and there are business reasons why the issue is pressing, says Roberto Quiñones.

‘How Do We Scale Our Impact With An Understanding of the Whole?’

An emerging conversation about the “human” side of scaling social enterprise

When it comes to scaling up social enterprise, there’s a lot more to be learned about doing this in a “human” way, says Vancouver social entrepreneur Vanessa LeBourdais.


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