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The Third Paradigm for Local Government

Belgian municipalities experiment with new model for addressing resource constraints and creating a thriving community

In the municipalities of Olen and Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium, citizen demands are increasing and resources to meet those demands shrinking. In the face of these challenges, local government leaders are becoming more open to experimenting with the addition of a new paradigm to their current ways of working.

Associational Life a Space to Enliven

The future of our well-being depends on our making visible and supporting associational life: John McKnight

A Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) study released last week reports that belonging to multiple groups contributes more to personal self-esteem than having a large network of friends. This is particularly the case when groups provide a basis for social identity, that is, when they are considered by people to contribute to their sense of who they are.

Dialogic Organizational Development and What Else is Possible

Holding a field for change over time through dialogue and media-making

What are the underlying processes that result in transformational change? In a recent webinar, authors Gervase Bushe and Bob Marshak offer a new way to think about the answer to that question through the lens of dialogic organizational development.

Peterborough Dialogues Tree Forters Trek Into Community Media Making

Participants share dream for more inclusive, thoughtful narrative art

Tuesday’s tree-fort session emanating from the inaugural Peterborough Dialogues series — a community-building initiative designed and hosted by Axiom News — dared to pose the question of creating an alternative community news media.

Journalists Cultivating the New Emerging Story

Ben Kaplan seeks to actualize possibilities in new urbanism for his hometown

Ben Kaplan is one of a new breed of journalists focused on not only discovering but cultivating the new, emerging story in their local communities.

How Small Communities Can Own Their Economic Future

What are the possibilities in social enterprise, social procurement?

After hearing Sandra Hamilton present on social enterprise and social procurement, members of the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce and a number of partner organizations have committed to working together to leverage these new tools to advance the social and economic development of their Vancouver Island town, population 8,000.

What if Marginalized Neighbourhoods Crafted Their Own Handmade, Place-based Economies?

Cincinnati one of several places reclaiming their economies through neighbourhood economics

From entrepreneurs in their 20s to established real estate developers, the diversity of people who joined the first few gatherings on neighbourhood economics in Cincinnati had an initiator of the effort, Peter Block, happily stunned.

Calgary Churches Re-imagining Who They Are In Community

Initiative takes stock of churches’ assets, explores redirecting them to better serve community

Carla Leon never knows what kind of response she’ll get when she picks up the phone to cold-call church leaders in Calgary about a new initiative designed to help churches re-imagine who they are in their local communities. But she’s certainly most energized when people instantly “see the light.”

A Dream for a Generative Media Co-op in Calgary

‘There is a lot of untapped energy and capacity in Calgary to make this happen,’ founder says

From choosing to live in cohousing to investigating how church buildings might become community hubs, Sarah Arthurs’ life and work pulses with the themes of community and innovation.

Canadians Score A- on Happiness, New Data Shows

An invitation for stories that add meaningful nuance to research

On average, most individuals in Canada are generally satisfied with their lives as a whole, research released this week reveals. On a scale of zero to 10, the average level of life satisfaction that participants identified was eight or about an A minus.


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