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What do President Obama, the Rolling Stones and New Scoop YYC have in common? They all went to Cuba for Spring Break!

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CALGARY - New Scoop YYC, a Calgary worker co-op dedicated to sharing the story of Calgary as a thriving city, created this video in response to a Generative Journalism training workshop with Peter Pula of Axiom News.

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New faces mingling at New Scoop gatherings with Peter Pula this week

Energy is up around Calgary’s Generative Journalism news co-op, New Scoop YYC, this week as new and familiar faces mingle at several gatherings with Peter Pula, founder and CEO of Axiom News.

Simone Lee, who has taken on the role of events co-ordinator with New Scoop, is one of those anticipating the events, which begin tonight.

Simone is excited about the opportunities these gathering make possible for those who’ve already joined New Scoop.