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'We have very few better places to look for a new narrative than community'
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One has to wonder if the results of the Brexit referendum are an answer to a question other than the one on the ballot. Being in inquiry most of my life I’ve had many, many experiences where the question asked isn’t quite the one answered.

Patricia Marcoccia

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Remember that time you said “yes” to something without quite understanding why you said yes or even knowing what exactly you were saying yes to? But some part of you felt that you ought to do it and so you did.

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High School 2.0
Iowa BIG instructor/learning facilitator, Dennis Becker, works with a group of BIG students as they discuss and vet potential projects in the co-working space outside the Iowa BIG office.

As schools opened across North America over the last few weeks, one wonders how many saw what Trace Pickering witnessed at Cedar Rapids’ new Iowa BIG School in its first days: High school students pouring in the doors to eagerly engage in conversation with their teachers and peers about the year ahead.