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It was a simple interaction, but to me it spoke volumes about the awareness of employee ownership in Canada. An accountant sitting next to me on a plane asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I help companies design and implement employee share ownership plans (ESOPs).

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Living systems principles are appearing in unexpected places
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I’ve just had a remarkable experience. For the first time, I presented at a business conference where all the speakers, each in our own way, spoke of living systems principles in organizations: self-organization, emergence, resilience and wise stewardship. And the audience — of techie nerds — couldn’t get enough of it.

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‘Stunning’ Employee Ownership Possibilities
POS Bio-Sciences, a Saskatchewan innovation commercialization firm, has joined the ranks of employee-owned companies in Canada. "Stunning" is how CEO and president Dale Kelly describes the potential outcropping of business ingenuity through employee ownership.
Unfolding stories of employee-owned companies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba point to possibilities

It was a frigid, early Saturday morning in January, 2013, when POS Bio-Sciences first gathered its staff to explore the possibility of becoming employee owned. Despite the timing and weather, more than 80 per cent of the Saskatchewan company’s 100-plus staff showed up. For CEO and president Dale Kelly, that was a strong indicator of where the conversation would lead.