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Growing up in the south, I have to agree that porches are a sanctuary. But as a placemaker, I have to acknowledge the role of porches as the critical intersection between home and the larger place.

Al Etmanski

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There is a warm line between you, your heroes and their mentors that unites memory and imagination. I witnessed this in 1995 at the first gathering of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Institute. John McKnight opened the gathering providing an overview of ABCD bedrock – asset focused; internally reliant and relationship driven.

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Melina Laboucan-Massimo with one of the new solar panels about to be installed in her home community of Little Buffalo, Alberta.

Site of infamous 2011 oil spill now a renewable energy waypoint

On another brilliantly sunny day in the northern Alberta hamlet of Little Buffalo, history was being made earlier this week. The home to about 500 people was abuzz with a kind of activity not seen there before – the installation of a brand-new 20.8-kilowatt solar panel system.