Melina Laboucan-Massimo

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After dealing with three decades of intensive oil, gas, logging, fracking and tar sands exploitation in our homeland, my community of Little Buffalo decided to forge a new future and become powered by the sun.

Katherine Loflin

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People often ask me: “What’s your favorite place?” It’s a fair question given what I do. I work in the art and science of creating loved places — a field called placemaking. Still, I’m always reluctant to answer. My favorite place is personal and really shouldn’t mean much to you, regardless of my expertise on what makes a good place.

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This massive photo display of local residents was created as part of a community-building project in Delburne, Alberta in 2014. Its success sparked an initiative starting this fall to bring together people interested in arts-based tools for community development.

Alberta communities begin journey of discovery

When 140 gigantic portraits of local residents were unfurled across the outside wall of a school last year, a shift began to occur in the village of Delburne, Alberta. As community members stopped to appreciate the portraits, the possibilities for new and deepened connections between them, new perspectives on each another and even new ways that they might work together began to come to life.