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Increasing numbers of Americans are neighborless. They are, in reality, litle more than residents occupying a house in an anonymous place. They often admit that they really don’t know the people who live around them — except to say hello. It is a regretful admission, but in their view of no more consequence than failing to wash the windows of their house.

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In a world that has become schooled in the value of professionalisation and massification, there are significant moments in time where people act as if they can be the primary shapers of their world, and prove themselves right in the act of doing so. There are moments when the prevailing map goes up in smoke and the territory starkly reveals the truth, or at least as valid a version of the truth as any other: if anything of enduring worth is to rise up from these ashes (and assets!), it will be as a result of our collective efforts at local level.

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New Vision is a grassroots group in Philippi, West Virginia, that is banding together to create its own renewable energy, including solar power — and demonstrating what’s possible when citizens are invited to take ownership for their collective future.

Effort sparked by asking, ‘What do we have to work with right here, right now?’

An exciting example of citizens banding together to take ownership of their collective well-being is coming to life in the remote, small town of Philippi, West Virginia.