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Stakeholder News Story Prompts Media Coverage

School leverages stories to heighten awareness of events

St. Thomas Community Christian School advancement director Nancy Baker says she has enjoyed how the stories shared through the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) news program have caught on with other local media.

This spring, Baker connected with Axiom News, which is contracted by the OACS to provide a three-times-a-week news service on its website, to share a story about the school honouring its local Ford plant through artwork.

After the story was published on the OACS website, Baker sent it as a press release to the St. Thomas Times-Journal newspaper.

“We just thought it was perfect — if they didn’t want to use the story as a copy they got the information that they needed and from there they could judge whether it was a worthwhile story to cover, and that worked,” says Baker.

The newspaper picked up the story and two other media sources — The St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News and LivingStones magazine — caught wind of the story and contacted her for an interview.

“That was really exciting,” she says.

When the school hosted a similar event last year, Baker used an OACS News story in the same way and received media interest from several sources, including CBC radio.

As a result of the coverage she says both years the events had “amazing turnouts.”

Coming from a teaching background, Baker says when she first experienced being interviewed she thought it went well and the questions helpful to explain the story.

“I learned that I personally want to be more prepared so I can be more articulate,” she says, adding it would be helpful to have the questions sent ahead of time.

“I can write better than I can speak off the cuff,” she notes.

Baker says she would like to further use the OACS News articles by posting them on the school’s website and promoting other events at the school.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to use (the) service, it has been helpful, and I hope that it continues,” she says.

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