Aging in Community

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Axiom News and the Pioneer Network

Over four days in early August, the largest North American gathering of changemakers dedicated to the lives of elders across the continuum of care takes place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Violet Rouwhorst

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In mid-September, I had the honour of staying with the team of Axiom News for one week. What struck me most, besides the enthusiasm and passion each team member has for the work they are doing, was their ability to have an eye for beautiful small stories and larger societal-change stories all at once.

Kristian Partington

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Honouring the lives of elders behind vision of Ron Schlegel

Ron Schlegel has been connected to business with a social purpose his entire life. He’s a farmer and an educator; an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Dr. Allen Power

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In Community: The Structure of Belonging, author Peter Block suggests that the true vehicle for change is not elected leaders, but groups of people coming together at the local level and deciding, “What will we create today?” Harnessing the power of stories and conversation is a goal all communities should strive for, and makes an ideal vehicle for engaging elders with the larger community, to share their experiences and increase their social capital.

Aging in Community

Calling for long-term care workers to help foster interpersonal relationships

Speaking to an international milieu of 1,000 delegates at the 12th annual Pioneer Network Conference in Jacksonville, Florida, Pioneer Network convener and co-founder Carter Catlett Williams described how it’s the strong relationships around her that offer strength in times of need.


News agency to fuel, build on citizens’ engagement in economic and social transition

Whether it’s technical expertise or small- to medium-sized businesses, the Netherlands holds an abundance of assets that have been in large part unrecognized and unappreciated. Yet it is exactly these “un-glorified” gifts that could ring in the country’s future thriving.


Newspapers the world over are filled with common refrains these days: double-dip recessions; skyrocketing unemployment; civil unrest.  The melodies snatch our attention like mousetraps.

We Recommend

If you speak with practically any front-line caregiver who understands the needs of elders living with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, they'll tell you when an elder has life purpose, the effects of dementia can be lessened and symptoms less extreme. Click here to read an article from Atlantic Monthly that backs up this fact with some hard science.

Music Maintains its Inspiration

Music will always have the ability to connect us throughout our lives. This video is a prime example!

The Power of Music

Thanks to Edmonton's CapitalCare for sharing this wonderful example of the power of music to touch the hearts of elders in a long-term care setting. It's quite well done!


A Celebration of Aging in Rochester

We thought we'd share this story from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, illustrating the strength of older adults during Lifespan's 16th Celebration of Aging luncheon.